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Hey gorgeous, have you created that amazing freebie to grow your email list and then the unthinkable happens: People actually subscribe to your list! Now while it’s absolutely amazing, it might also freak you out a little (or a lot). LOL


I remember thinking “OMG – what the hell am I supposed to DO with the people on my list?? I have NO idea what to send them…” Haha! 🙂

At this point, you might realize that you also need at least one automated welcome email or – even better – a welcome email series to say hello to new subscribers & warm up your audience.

Because it’s not enough to just collect email addresses. If you don’t send emails, you might as well not have an email list at all. If you find the thought of email marketing unnerving, you are not alone!

Tell you what – I was sooo hesitant to even start building an email list… I think I waited for almost 1 year. Seriously. Email marketing terrified me and I didn’t like the thought of it one little bit! It felt awkward, spammy and all sorts of wrong…

So I did this video training over in my FB group for passionate mompreneurs – if you haven’t done so already, go check it out!! If you are a positive, action-taking, goal-getting mompreneur, I’d love for you to join our community!! 🙂

Join the Mompreneur Safety Net Facebook group!

But if you prefer to read, I turned the training into this blog post so you can go through it here. 🙂

So here are a few quick tips to lay the foundation for your email marketing success – cause if you’re only doing this because everybody says you should but you feel really uncomfortable, that’s the first thing you should work on.

Mindset is so important!! Can’t stress this enough.

For me, it all improved when I finally changed my mindset around the whole topic.

I knew I wanted to connect with more people and help them grow, so email would be a great way to get in touch.

I stopped thinking that receiving my emails would bother people. Instead, I focused on providing as much value as possible so it felt good to send out emails.

And last but not least, I stopped thinking of the subscribers as a big faceless mass and zoomed in on my ideal customer avatar instead. I wrote my emails as if I was writing an email to that one friendly and interested person. Simple as it may seem, this makes all the difference!

Crafting an engaged email series | PearTreePond - The Solopreneur Safety Net

Since finally getting started with email marketing, I’ve read a lot about it, taken a few courses and experimented myself – the trouble is there’s probably not a one-size-fits-all approach to email marketing. It all depends on your audience.

The audience you talk to might like straight forward and to-the-point value-packed info emails. Or they might enjoy hearing a story from your personal life and a look behind the scenes. It really depends on who you are talking to. Your tone, the things you share and the way you share them need to reflect your brand and be tailored to your ideal audience.

That’s also why I can’t recommend using someone else’s email templates – enticing as it might seem. I learned this the hard way… I was taking this fancy email marketing course that costs $495 and got some of their well-performing welcome email templates. I thought “This is sooo good!! I finally know what to send people once I delivered my freebie!”.

And yes, I adjusted the tone and changed a few minor things – hit save and couldn’t wait to see the amazing results! Well, the amazing results were that people started to unsubscribe! Before changing the welcome emails, I had hardly any unsubscribes at all. All of a sudden I had lots.

The takeaway from this story is: Know your audience! If you haven’t done so already, create an ideal customer avatar. I’ve got a whole section plus worksheet on this in my Business Plan bundle if you need one let me know and I’ll link to it in the comments.

Work-From-Home Made Easy - Mockup

Now with that in mind, let’s talk about what a good welcome email series can do for you:

Well, your welcome emails series is important because you can make good use of the initial momentum: Think about it – this is the moment your new subscriber is the most engaged and excited. They just signed up to get your amazing freebie and can’t wait for the email delivering it.

When you plan your welcome email series – start with your goal in mind. What do you want to achieve with your series? Build trust? Set expectations? Build a social media following? Sell something? Be clear on what it is you want, which action you want your subscribers to take and what success metric you’ll be measuring. Open rates? Sales? Follows? What makes sense for your chosen goal?

Once you have your goal, you can decide how long your email series should be. Cause if you plan on selling something, especially something expensive, then you’ll need more emails than if you only want them to join your FB group and build a community.

Generally, I’d say 3-5 emails spaced out over maybe a week or so is a good starting point.

So what kind of content could you send in those emails:

#1) Deliver your freebie.

#2) Set expectations. How often will you be emailing? What kind of content will you be sharing, etc.

#3) Introduce yourself: Explain what you do and why you do it.

#4) Share a personal story they can relate to.

#5) Ask questions and start a conversation.

#6) Show off your expertise and send them to your best content.

#7) Explain your paid offer.

#8) Ask them to follow you on social media.

Now, remember don’t stuff too much into one email. Ideally, every email should only have one goal. If you ask for too many things, people don’t do anything.

It’s best to have one clear, goal-related call-to-action so that people don’t get confused or overwhelmed.

Now one last thing:

Don’t be discouraged when people unsubscribe. There are enough freebie hunters out there who will subscribe to get your freebie and unsubscribe the next second – not necessarily because they didn’t like your freebie. They just weren’t interested in hearing from you. Those aren’t your ideal customers so you don’t need them on your list.

Ok, I hope these tips help you create an engaging welcome email series for your blog! Let me know what you think in the comments below and feel free to ask if you have more questions!

Again, if you’re a passionate, positive mompreneur who wants to connect – come over into my FB group where I do weekly mini-trainings around mindset and creating success habits. And the best thing: The group members get to choose the topic for each week’s training so YOU are in control and learn the things that will help you move forward!

Free FB group for passionate mompreneurs

Can’t wait to welcome you to the community! 🙂

Happy experimenting!


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I'm Claudia from PearTreePond - The Solopreneur Safety Net. My mission is to help other mompreneurs shatter invisible ceilings and up-level their businesses & lives without sacrificing family time or compromising their health.


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Knowing how to write a proper follow up email is crucial in B2B sales, since the decision making process often stretch over a long period of time. It is your job to keep the dialogue open and be top of mind for your prospects. Imagine you have had a sales meeting, there was interest from your prospective clients, you sent them an email, and you haven’t heard back from them? That can happen often, but it doesn’t mean your potential clients are not interested. It just means a follow-up email will be necessary. Thank you so much for sharing all… Read more »

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