We’ve been talking about increasing productivity and using helpful productivity tools over the last couple of weeks.

In keeping with the productivity theme this month, I reached out to some amazing (and successful!) blogger ladies and asked them to share their favorite productivity hack for bloggers. *yay*

I always find it super interesting and hugely inspiring to see what works for other successful people.

Which is why I can’t wait to share those insights with you guys! 🙂

Maybe you’re just one productivity hack away from reaching your goals?!

Let’s dive right in! =)

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Productivity Hacks For Bloggers

1. Mariah from BloomHustleGrow

Mariah Tomkinson from BloomHustleGrow

I help overwhelmed service-based female entrepreneurs get their business operations organized and optimized to make the hustle easier by establishing systems, building processes, and leveraging strategies that support their goals.


Have you heard of Parkinson’s law?

It’s an adage that states “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.”

This basically translates to mean work you could potentially get done in 45 minutes when given the flexibility could also take you 2 hours.

If I start a draft blog post let’s say an hour before I have an appointment, I’m often much more likely to finish or almost finish that post before my appointment.

However, if I have 2 hours or no real constraint that same post will most definitely take over an hour. 

Creating time limits for projects and routine tasks creates constraints that force us to be more focused, and use our time intentionally.

By setting time limits, you are automatically giving yourself a perimeter in which to work in.

Mariah Tomkinson, Business Coach

Well… I’ve read about Parkinson’s law before. And I most certainly know from experience that some tasks I’m working on have the potential to drag on indefinitely because I’m such a perfectionist.

Nonetheless, I’ve been reluctant to try things like setting a timer and forcing myself to work inside those time limits.

Why? Because I hate the thought of working under time pressure… It stressed me out.

It’s not that I can’t do it. It’s just that I choose not to do it if I can avoid it.

But maybe it’s time for a change and at least give it a try! =)

I think this productivity hack has a huge potential for saving me a ton of time – I just have to get comfortable with it.

Let’s hear the second productivity hack for bloggers!

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2. Alexandra from The Productivity Zone

Alexandra Beauregard from The Productivity Zone

I’m Alexandra, the Productivity and Systems Specialist at The Productivity Zone!! I help female entrepreneurs better manage their time and be more productive by setting up systems and getting organized. I’m all about helping them take back control of their day, their time, and their business so they can have a life they love. 

I think my biggest productivity hack for bloggers is templates and workflows.

Templates for your graphics make creating graphics a snap and I highly recommend batching these for the month or even quarter to save time.

Workflows make tackling each blog post a truly stress-free experience.

You’ll never forget a graphic or link again if you follow a step-by-step plan!!

Alexandra Beauregard, Productivity + Systems Specialist for Female Entrepreneurs

Now that is something I can wholeheartedly relate to! 🙂

Especially creating graphics can take up such a huge amount of time when you create them from scratch each time!

So having a few templates ready to use, where you only have to swap out the text and maybe a background image, is a huge time-saver.

Moreover, using templates ensures you stay on brand and your graphics are easy to spot among the flood of other posts.

It’s a win-win all around. 🙂

Blog-like-you-mean-it blog planner kit

3. Elise from House of Brazen

Elise McDowell from House of Brazen

Elise McDowell is a business and money mindset mentor helping hard working entrepreneurial women learn to lean back, relax and align with the abundance of the universe so that they can manifest the wealth they truly deserve.

I’m the type of person that needs busyness around me to be productive.

If I’m traveling, I’ll head to a cafe in the morning that I know has a good vibe, plays good music and obviously makes good food.

Having people, movement and sound around me keeps the part of my brain that needs stimulation busy.

That way I’m able to just put on my headphones and fall straight into productive mode. 

When I’m home, I get distracted VERY easily, so I keep that “ants in her pants” part of my mind busy by listening to music that alters my state and puts me in boss mode. Anything Odesza is my go to, but I like chillwave style music too.

This isn’t for everyone but if you’re someone who struggles to concentrate when it’s quiet or when you’re home, try those ideas out. They’ve been lifesavers for me.

Elise McDowell, Business & Mindset Mentor

Haha, I’m the complete opposite! I need as much peace and quite as I can get to get my work done.

If I went to a cafe to work, I would never get anything done… I would end up drinking waaaay too much coffee and eating waaaaay too much cake. LOL

This just goes to show how different things work for different people and how thinking outside the box might help you find the solution that’s perfect for you.

Blog content challenge hero


First off, I would like to thank those three awesome ladies for allowing us a behind-the-scenes look into their blogging businesses by sharing their favorite productivity hacks. 🙂

I love how different those productivity hacks are and I hope you found something that works for you!

If you have a productivity hack that works wonders for you, I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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Oh, and there’s one resource that I would love to share with you today:

The Ultimate Productivity Bundle, a collection of over 40 resources from eCourses, to eBooks, printables, and workbooks that all center around increasing your productivity.

From time management to goal setting, home management, mindset & self-care, as well as productivity at work – you are bound to find something super helpful and interesting in that bundle! 🙂

Next week, I’m gonna share one of my favorite productivity tips with you.

See you then!

Happy experimenting,



PS: Don’t forget to share the love by sharing this post! Thanks! 🙂

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