If you are using Pinterest to promote your blog or business, make sure you follow the new Pinterest best practices to create an effective marketing strategy.

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New Pinterest Best Practices to Follow – 10 Pinterest Myths Busted


Hands up who loves Pinterest and/or uses Pinterest for their business strategy! *two hands up* Big yes to both!

Even before I started using Pinterest for business, I was kind of obsessed with pinning everything that caught my eye or even remotely sparked my interest. As for Pinterest best practices, I really don’t think I was following them at all…

Anyone else guilty of pinning everything from DIYs to recipes and never actually trying those pins? *guilty as charged*

I got better though! I’ve now got two accounts, one for personal stuff (cluttered and messy) and one for business (more focused, branded, SEO-optimised). Wanna see? Have a look at PearTreePond’s Pinterest business page.

I wouldn’t blame you for following it right away! LOL


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New Pinterest business profile

Anywho, have you been wondering what’s going on with Pinterest lately? They seem to roll out change after change, don’t they? Maybe you haven’t had the time to go through all of them and figure out what they are for.

So, let’s dive right in and have a look at some of those changes, bust some slow-to-die-Pinterest myths and discuss the new best practices to get discovered on Pinterest!

Here is what the new Pinterest business profile looks like:


PearTreePond's Pinterest business profile showing the new dynamic cover, the Following tab, monthly viewers and other details. | PearTreePond - The Solopreneur Safety Net

Features of the new Pinterest business profile.


The Following Tab

We now have the following tab, where we only see the Pins of people we follow. Unlike the smart feed where we also see suggestions of  Pins, we might be interested in based on our interests, searches, and related topics.


Dynamic Business Profile Cover

You probably also noticed the new dynamic cover for your business profile. Here, you have three options for customisation: You can choose to display your latest pins, the pins to a specific board or the most recent pins someone pinned from your website.


Monthly Viewers

Pretty self-explanatory, but still worth mentioning. Now people don’t have to trust you anymore when you tell how big your reach is on Pinterest.Boo ya! They can now see for themselves how many people have seen your pins within the last 30 days.


Pinterest Best Practices

Now onto those new Pinterest best practices. By the way, this is not based on guesswork, the answers come straight from Pinterest themselves.


Woman typing on a laptop. Text overlay: 10 Pinterest Myths Busted! Click through to find out if you follow the Pinterest best practices. | PearTreePond - The Solopreneur Safety Net

Pin me!


Let’s start with possibly the most important one:

When & How Often Should You Pin?

I have read so many different posts on this subject… Some recommending pinning up to 100 Pins a day and spreading those Pins out throughout the day. Sounds daunting, right? And honestly, who has time for that?? I don’t.

Well, the good news is it is not necessary. Pinterest recommends pinning 10-12 Pins a day.

Awesome! That is so much more doable. As always, the key here is consistency. It’s better to pin 10 Pins a day consistently, than 100 once a week.

If you use a scheduler like Tailwind *, you can use their smart schedule to find the ideal time slots for your Pins.

Also, keep in mind to pin to your most relevant boards first, as your board information carries over to the Pins.


Should You Delete Underperforming Pins?

Quick answer here: No. Not worth your time. You are not penalised for having underperforming Pins. Just make sure your new Pins are attractive, engaging and reflect SEO best practices.


Manual Pinning vs Using a Scheduler

There has been a lot of confusion about this topic over the last few years. There were the ones who swore that Pinterest schedulers like Tailwind * were basically the best thing that ever happened to them.

And then there were others who claimed that manual pinning was the way to go. I have used Tailwind * for almost a year now.

To be honest with you, I didn’t love it from the start. It kinda grew on me over time though as I got to know the service better.


It’s ok to use a scheduler to stay consistent.


To stop the confusion about manual pinning vs using a scheduler, Pinterest officially stated that you are definitely not penalised for using Tailwind * which is an official Pinterest partner. Phew, now that’s a relief, isn’t it? So it’s absolutely ok to make your life easier by using Tailwind.

This allows you to stay consistent in your pinning even when life happens.

Moreover, Tailwind offers certain features that are really cool and absolutely worth the money. Like tribes, that kinda work like group boards on Pinterest.

You can join or create a tribe in your niche and have the followers re-share and re-pin your content.

Obviously, you’ll have to do the same for them, but hey, that’s fair enough, right? Depending on the tribe you join, this can further your reach quite tremendously.

Just have a look at the stats of a tribe that I only recently joined:

Tailwind Tribes example showing an reach of almost 127k. | PearTreePond - The Solopreneur Safety Net

Tailwind Tribe example

Increasing your reach by almost 127k isn’t bad, ey? And that’s just the impact of ONE tribe. You can join 5 tribes without having to pay extra. You do the math…

Also, Tailwind * offers the smart schedule that I talked about before, to help you pin when your followers are most active. This is especially important to increase engagement with your Pins.

Additionally, you can access powerful analytics to help you track your progress and figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Long story short, I’d say it’s definitely worth a try to see how well this could work for you! If you are not 100% convinced, you can still claim your FREE Tailwind trial * and see whether you like it or not.

If you decide to check it out, I cordially invite you to join my brand-new tribe “The Solopreneur Safety Net”! 🙂

Did you know that Tribes is FREE for anyone to get started, even if they aren’t using Tailwind already?


Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite


How to use Pinterest Keywords and Pin Descriptions?

Pinterest is essentially a search engine. Therefore, you need to use keywords and descriptions to help Pinterest understand what your content is all about and distribute relevant content to the people who are looking for it.

Keywords are the words you want someone to type into the Pinterest search bar and discover your Pins. Obviously, your keywords need to be relevant and not something cute humorous in order to get found. Be very specific but also include a few broader context keywords in order to increase your reach.

Stuck for keyword ideas? Use the Pinterest search bar to search your relevant term and see what suggestions Pinterest comes up in the results top bar. Those are great keywords to include. Especially some of those longer ones, that have less competition.


Make sure your keywords and Pin descriptions are always relevant and meaningful.


Now, where do you put those keywords? Pop them into your board titles, board descriptions, pin descriptions, and bio.

Needless to say, your Pin descriptions should always be useful and relevant so that users can find your content.

Use all those lovely keywords, but rather than just stringing them up like pearls on a necklace, try using them in meaningful sentences. This goes a long way in improving the user experience.

Website Pins vs Repins

Pinterest wants to see your fresh content first! Be the first to share your brand new content right from your website and your Pin will be prioritised.


Do Board Covers Matter?

Nope. Not at all. If you feel the need to extend your branding by putting up nice board covers, go for it. It’s not a necessity though.

If you decide to create covers for your boards, I found that 600px x 600px works well for image size. Keep in mind that longer Pins might be cut off.


Online business roadmap free download; post | The Solopreneur Safety Net


Pinning Your own Content vs. Other’s

I was very surprised to hear that you actually don’t have to pin someone else’s content. At all. I’ve read lots of posts recommending an 80 : 20 ratio (80% other’s content, 20% your own content). Some maybe a 50 : 50 ratio.


You are not penalised for pinning your own content exclusively.


I think everyone assumed that one would be penalised for not pinning someone else’s content. Well, apparently you aren’t! IF, and that’s a big if, you have enough great own content, you could theoretically only pin that. But then again, if everyone starts pinning their own content exclusively – isn’t that going to decrease everyone’s reach dramatically? I guess will have to wait and see on that one.


Should You add Hashtags to Older Pins?

No, you shouldn’t. Hashtags are for new content. For new Pins, use up to 20 hashtags, but choose quality over quantity. Make sure they are relevant as they act as broad search terms. Think about what search terms people might be searching for and would be happy to discover your Pin among the results.


What’s the best Pin image size?

You already knew that long vertical images are the most successful ones on Pinterest. But then, you’ve probably seen some of those never-ending vertical Pins and thought to yourself “Well, isn’t that annoying?!”.

I get it, they were trying to occupy more Pinterest real estate by pinning those super long Pins. Still annoying. I rarely – if ever – re-pin those Pins. Pinterest best practices state that 2:3 is the ideal aspect ratio for your vertical Pins.


Use a 2:3 aspect ratio for your vertical Pins.


600px wide by 900px high for example. Doesn’t have to be those exact numbers, but shouldn’t stray too far away from them. Despite not using Canva for my graphics anymore, I still use the Pinterest template size of 735px x 1102px which seems to work pretty well.


Text on coral background: New Pinterest Best Practices to Follow - Follow these tips to maximise your Pinterest reach | PearTreePond - The Solopreneur Safety Net

Pin me!


When Will You Be Recommended to Others?

Now that you’ve gained some clarity about the new Pinterest best practices, don’t forget the big stuff over all those details! To make sure Pinterest loves you and distributes your content widely, remember to do these three fundamental things:

  • Have a business account.
  • Claim your website.
  • Share high quality, keyword optimised content, preferably from your own website. Pin consistently.


Wanna learn more about Pinterest best practices? If you are pressed for time, check out Pinterest’s own help site for Pinterest best practices.

Additionally, if you have about an hour 25 min to spare, I highly recommend watching this interview with Pinterest’s Head of Product Marketing, Sarah Hoople Shere. She goes over all those new Pinterest best practices and answers all the questions you might still have.

I hope you now have all the knowledge to rock your Pinterest marketing strategy!

Harness the power of Pinterest to get a ton of FREE traffic to your blog or shop. Let me know how you go in the comments! And could you please share this post if you found it helpful? That would be much appreciated! Talk soon.

Happy experimenting!




 PS: If you use Pinterest to advertise your free opt-in offer, check out my post “GDPR 2018 – end of the Celebrated Opt-in Freebie?” to see whether your offer is still legal.




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