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Hello there, and welcome to PearTreePond - The Solopreneur Safety Net, where I help overwhelmed solopreneurs to build their online businesses while staying healthy and sane in the process. I'm stoked to see you here! :)



Allow me to introduce myself quickly: My name is Claudia and I’m a scientist-turned-work-from-home-mum (does that even count as a word??) from Germany. I love my family, gardening, cooking, running, traveling, being creative and the three¬†fundamental Cs: cats, coffee, and chocolate. ūüėČ You can think of myself as your down-to-earth, friendly neighbourhood nerd, who loves binge-watching “Big Bang Theory” and who reads textbooks for fun. No kidding. Check out my Instagram to sneak a peek of my personal life, if you are interested.

How am I going to help you get your online business off the ground, you might ask. Very good question, my friend. ūüėČ The answer is: I’m used to doing research and I’m here to¬†share my¬†experiments and results with you. Altogether, I spent 10 years at¬†Universities studying, researching and teaching. That has to count for something, I’d say. ūüėČ


From Scientist to Online Solopreneur

My point is: Even though subjects might be very different now, the way to go about them is still very similar. You do the research, develop a hypothesis, experiment, refine and repeat. When I became a mum, I¬† focused on a new¬†field of experimentation and used the kids’ naptimes to dive deeper into the world of design and creativity, websites, entrepreneurship and blogging. I was thrilled to find something that I could do from home, no fancy lab required!

I have to be honest here. Even though the possibility of earning money from home was thrilling, I had no idea how to make it work. I had to learn so many things from how to build my own website to creating blog posts, using social media, doing SEO and keyword research – to name just a few. It was absolutely overwhelming. Maybe this is what you are feeling too.


Challenges of Becoming an Online Solopreneur Requires

Are you worrying that becoming an online solopreneur is just too much? That you can’t possibly do it all on your own?¬† I know exactly what you are going through. But I also know that you can do this! If you really put your mind to it and move past your fears. Everyone is scared, overwhelmed and confused in the beginning. It’s not just you.

Being an online solopreneur requires wearing so many hats, it can make your head spin. If you are tired of hunting around for useful snippets of information, I hear you!  I created this blog to help you find all the relevant information in one place. My goal is to help you and support you on your journey to becoming a successful online solopreneur! I really hope you get a ton of value out of this blog.


Be successful – Stay Healthy and Sane

The business side of being an online solopreneur is just one side though. Another thing that is very important to me is health. As a cancer survivor, I’d say looking after your health¬†is non-negotiable. I know, having a busy schedule and still making time to eat a healthy diet or fit some self-care in, can be a real challenge. And yes, being a solopreneur¬†can be really stressful. We all know that too much stress is a bad thing. I don’t want you to burn out. I’ve been there, done that and it’s not a pretty thing…


I don’t want YOUR BUSINESS to be successful, I want YOU to be successful.


Sometimes solutions might be as simple as changing your mindset or getting organised, to take a lot of stress out of this being-a-solopreneur-thing. This is why I prefer a more holistic view of solopreneurship. I believe you can only be truly successful when you find the right balance between work and all the other wonderful things in life that you are not getting paid for. ūüėČ

Therefore, I will also be sharing tips on motivation, mindset, work-life-balance and the occasional quick and healthy recipe for when your head is spinning with business ideas and you just can’t be bothered to think about what to cook.


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Create a plan. Experiment. Become a successful online solopreneur!


You got This!

If you are eager to learn and experiment, but just don’t know where to start, this is the place for you! If you are stuck and need a cheatsheet to figure out which step to take next, grab my FREE online business roadmap¬†and follow along the Roadmap to a Successful Online Business blog post series. Can’t wait to welcome you to my tribe! ūüôā Talk soon!

Until then, happy experimenting!




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