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Who are we kidding – that is a scenario we’re probably all more than familiar with, right?! That inner resistance that makes it impossible to get started…

Maybe you know you SHOULD exercise more, but then you are always too tired and never in the mood, and long story short – you don’t do what you KNOW you should be doing.

Or maybe you know you SHOULD start using video in your business, but you hate being in front of the camera, you are afraid of making a fool of yourself and of being judged, and you don’t like how everyone is telling you that you NEED to incorporate video these days – so you don’t do it.

Or maybe you’re about 90% sure that you want to do something – but you feel that you need to research more so that you are 100% sure. And before you are 100% sure why something is necessary, you don’t do it.

Setting the right goals

Procrastination & stress

One of the consequences you are likely to encounter when you experience this inner resistance is procrastination. Did you know that procrastination has nothing to do with laziness? It’s an emotional coping mechanism to decrease stress.

Now, where does the stress in all these different situations come from?

Those scenarios might all SEEM different at first glance, but there is one element that all of them have in common: A disconnect or misalignment of sorts. And that’s what creates the stress and inner resistance.

Your “should-goal” – those general things you think you should be doing – don’t take ALL aspects of your life and personality into account. They zoom in on a tiny aspect of your life without considering the bigger picture.

Your goal might not be aligned with your values, your passions, your strengths, beliefs, or your thoughts, your skill level – all these mindset elements make up your personality and if you don’t take them into account, they might stop you from taking inspired action.

Goal setting

You see, not all goals are equal. Goal setting is something you might see as trivial, but it really isn’t. Well, anyone can set a random goal. But then you are more than likely to encounter the kind of inner resistance we are talking about today.

Setting the RIGHT goals is like sculpting a work of art: You start with a lump of clay and then you consider what you want to achieve – so while you work on getting it just right, you might have to add a few things here and take some bits away somewhere else until you are happy with the result and you have transformed the uninspiring lump of clay into a piece of art that you enjoy.

So staying with this analogy – a lot of your “should goals” are like the lump of clay. Someone either dumped them in front of you or you picked them up along the way. And now they are sitting there in front of your nose and tease you with their uninviting ugliness.

That’s because you haven’t worked on them to make them your own by adjusting them to your personality and life situation. And that’s the critical work! You need to figure out what creates the inner resistance and find workarounds.

How to get yourself to do the things you should do

Everyone is unique and everyone’s circumstances are unique. So it only makes sense that you will have to adjust a general goal to your unique needs, right?

There’s no one-size-fits-all goal that works equally well for everyone just like there’s no single diet or workout routine that works equally well for everyone.

There really are lots of factors to consider when you try to set the RIGHT goals for yourself. And that’s exactly what I’ll show you how to do in my Breakthrough Sessions.

We will work on your initial goal to turn it into a piece of beauty that won’t create that much inner resistance but will spark inspiration instead. 🙂

When you get your goal just right, then things like a lack of motivation or procrastination will no longer be such a problem for you.

You will be excited instead of bored or terrified.

Obviously, goal setting alone is not the holy grail – although I believe that is absolutely crucial.

Resistance to change & roadblocks

But even when you have found a perfect goal to work towards, you are likely to encounter roadblocks along the way.

Change is usually uncomfortable and accompanied by growing pains.

That is normal. You are so used to being you. And changing behavior is like starting a workout when you haven’t done any exercise in years – it is hard before it gets easier and feels good.

And in that hard initial phase, negative automated thoughts or limiting beliefs might trip you up as you’re trying to make headway. Those are distorted negative thought patterns, that lead to negative emotions and self-sabotaging behavior.

That’s why I’ll help you identify those potential progress blockers so that you can start to recognize them when they come up and know how to deal with them.

And there’s one more thing that comes to mind when you just can’t get yourself to do what you know you should be doing: Maybe you’re looking at your beautiful big goal and just don’t know where to start because it’s too abstract, intimidating, and overwhelming.

You know what they say: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

That’s why breaking big goals down into bite-sized action steps is so important.

Black Friday - Breakthrough Session Offer

1:1 Coaching

Those are all things I’ll help you with in my 1:1 coaching sessions.

I help you fine-tune your goal to fit your personality and life situation, break them down into action steps, and I also help you recognize the internal patterns that could trip you up on your journey.

So if that’s something you would like some help with, the breakthrough sessions I’m offering at the moment are a fantastic starting point to create clarity and momentum! 🙂

So if you’d to take advantage of the Black Friday offer – book your breakthrough session NOW and you can save €197! You might be thinking “OMG, I’d love to but it’s just not the right time right now because I’m super busy till the end of the year”. Not a problem at all!

You can still take advantage of this Black Friday offer: All you have to do is BOOK your session here until Dec 2nd, 2019 to get the discount – you can HAVE your session in January if that suits you better.

I would love to see you on one of my Breakthrough Session calls and help you create a goal that’s just right for 2020!

Until then, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Happy experimenting!



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I'm Claudia from PearTreePond - The Solopreneur Safety Net. My mission is to help other mompreneurs shatter invisible ceilings and up-level their businesses & lives without sacrificing family time or compromising their health.


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ini walker
2 years ago

Really like your work, Keep it up! Appreciate it Sister!

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