Edible Gift Tags aka Butter Cookies

Now that I’ve told you about my eco-friendly gift wrap ideas, let’s have a look at those edible gift tags.

Quick recap for those who haven’t read the post about eco-friendly gift wrap ideas yet: This year, I wanted to reduce the massive amount of waste that Christmas usually brings with it.

Therefore, I came up with two alternative gift wrap ideas that don’t use non-recyclable or non-bio-degradable materials. And to give the presents the finishing touch, once they are wrapped, you can add these edible gift tags.

Aka lovingly decorated cookies, that will be tied to the presents. Thus, we create no unnecessary waste and found another use for the cookies we’d bake anyway. At least some of them will now have to survive until Christmas. 😉

Small gift box with edible gift tag and rose.

The recipe is really quick and easy. It’s a great dough to cut out cookies with kids too. This is definitely one of our family’s favourite cookie recipes. Hope you enjoy the cookies/gift tags! Let me know what you think about them in the comments below!

If you are really hard-pressed for time, because – maybe – you left organising presents to the last minute, you can find some quick Amazon gift shopping ideas here.

I also found some adorable free printable Christmas gift tags over on Gather & Feast for you. Just in case you are too late to bake these fantastic edible gift tags… I know. Sometimes life just happens. 😉

You love the gift wrap ideas, you are ready to bake your gift tags, but don’t have the pressies yet? Go check out my Amazon gift ideas for family & friends!

Happy experimenting!



Edible gift tags - dough recipe

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