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"I first stumbled upon Claudia when I was in the black hole in the universe of a beginner blogger. I had my ideas, I had my creativity but I was lacking one essential point: a masterplan!

In swooped Claudia.

I started her Business Plan Bundle after fighting with myself for hours trying to find the practical information I needed from infinite sources.

I set to work immediately, getting down to it during nap times of my five-month-old daughter.

Claudia was there all the way offering me sound advice and supporting me on those first daunting steps.

I can't recommend enough the Business Plan Bundle if you want to start your own business without having a panic attack - this is for you!"

How would your life change if you could make money blogging?

Imagine what it would be like...

> To make an impact and get paid for it 


> To do something you love and possibly earn money with it


> To challenge yourself to build something you're proud of


> To create new possibilies in your life 


> Being able to work on your own terms 


Starting your own blog can help you achieve all this - and it's easy and cheap to get started.

But as with any other business, there are some basics you need to understand to succeed. 


... but I've been in your shoes!

I know exactly what it's like to desperately spin your wheels without getting anywhere...


I know what's like to be too scared to go all in and waste so much time not doing the things I knew I should be doing...


... to clarity

Here's how I created a big fat blogging mess for myself:


After my kids were born, I had a really difficult time adjusting to my new life as a mom. My kids needed A LOT of attention 24/7 and I was so incredibly tired all the time...


Which made it hard to even THINK about getting a job - but finances were tight.


So I was desperately looking for a flexible, part-time work-from-home opportunity to contribute to our family income. 


That's when I stumbled upon blogging.


I really didn’t know what I wanted to blog about, yet I loved the idea.


So I started a lifestyle blog to test the waters. In hindsight – not a great idea, but hey, you gotta start somewhere, right?!


After blogging for about 9 months, I had learned 3 crucial things:


1) I definitively liked writing and teaching!


2) In order to create a successful blog, I had to learn a million new things. There were a lot of moving pieces that had to be put together in the right order. And it seemed like all the valuable nuggets of information were hidden between piles of useless, outdated information and scattered all over the Internet…


3) I was NOT passionate about the lifestyle blog I had created… It was tedious. Something was definitively missing.


That’s when it hit me: I had it all wrong!

The longer I thought about it, I realized that I had started a lifestyle blog to prove the point that blogging was a valid work-from-home opportunity for moms. But that had already been proven over and over by other moms! I didn’t have to prove that point again.


The mistake had been starting a blog without a strategy. Without direction. (Please put this on your NOT-TO-DO list!)


Blogging is more than an opportunity to make money from home. It is a vehicle to share ideas, help others and make meaningful connections.


I realized that the thing I had become REALLY passionate about, was collecting all those valuable nuggets of information about creating a profitable blog and putting them together in ONE place so that other moms wouldn’t have to spend their precious time scouring the internet for them!  * light bulb moment *


Having found my direction, creating a strategy got so much easier! Suddenly everything started to make so much more sense!


WHAT WOULD IT BE LIKE... figure out what your blogging calling is?

Imagine you knew exactly which person you can help with your unique set of skills and experiences.


Wouldn't it feel amazing to use your talents and knowledge to make a positive impact on that person's life?


And even better, because you now know how to help your dream customers reach their goal, they are happy to pay you for your products and/or services!


Which in turn gives you and your family the financial freedom you've been longing for, so you can spend time with your kids without feeling guilty or worrying about money all the time.


How does that sound??

To help you create a solid foundation that allows you to monetize your blog...

I've created the "Work-From-Home Made Easy" business plan bundle for you!

It teaches you all the essential online business basics you need to know in order to build a money-making mom blog - in a fun, engaging and easy to understand way. 🙂


Here's what you're gonna learn:


To find the right people to serve

If you're asking yourself "What the heck should I sell??", you're starting in the middle... Define who you are going to serve in order to create the perfect offer.

Work-From-Home Made Easy - Dream Customer


Without feeling salesy and sleazy

Marketing doesn't have to make your skin crawl. When you know your offer is super helpful to your target audience, you don't feel like having to talk them into buying something they don't need.

Work-From-Home Made Easy - Marketing & Selling


That attracts your dream customer

I'll show you how to do this without having to hire an expensive graphic designer or spending months learning Photoshop.

Work-From-Home Made Easy - Personal Brand

But that's not all!

I've got a bunch of awesome bonuses for you... 🙂


Work-From-Home Made Easy - Bonus #1


To help you stay on track

I know how easy it is to get lost in the details... So to help you stay on track, I give you my 1-page online business roadmap. It's an ordered checklist of the 25 action steps you can take to build your money-making blog from scratch.

Work-From-Home Made Easy - Bonus #2


To help you save a ton of time

Finding the right tools & resources to run your blog can be really time-consuming, which is why I give you a list of my favorite online business tools & resources.

Work-From-Home Made Easy - Bonus #3


To bring your brand to life quickly

With these 2 Canva templates, you'll be able to create a brand mood board & brand styling sheet in a matter of minutes. Simply drag and drop your assets into the placeholders and you're good to go. No graphic design experience or expensive software required.

Work-From-Home Made Easy - Bonus #1


To help you make money straight away

Earn a whopping 40% commission when you join my exclusive affiliate program. So you can earn back your investment and help another mom start her own business! *win-win* 🙂


Quick summary

If you haven't started your blog yet and you don't understand to create offers online - this bundle will help you figure out how to get started!


Also, if you have started your blog but it's a hot mess without focus and intention - this bundle will help you figure out how to turn things around!


Raise your hand if this is you

Are you in it to win it?If you're committed to starting a profitable blog instead of a hobby blog, my educated guess is you want/need to make some money on the side, right? Genius, I know. 😉
Are you money-wise?So money is probably tight and you are very conscious about where you spend your it. And that's not only absolutely understandable but also very sensible.
Are you tired of wasting your time & money?That being said, you might also still be in the middle of the confusing beginner stage where you don't really know what you're doing and you have a hard time wrapping your head around all the concepts and details. Now think about how much faster you could get things rolling if you had a step-by-step guide to follow to create your business foundation.
Are you tired of trying to figure it all out on your own?Think about all the time and annoying guesswork this is going to save you! Instead of busily spinning your wheels without getting anywhere, you could be hitting the ground running. Within weeks you could be working on your first money-making offer and market it to the right people who will appreciate what you created.
Are you ready to make a clever business investment to fast-track your results?You might think you can't afford to invest money in your business upfront. The truth is: You can't afford NOT investing in your business upfront. Every clever investment will be more than worth it.

So again, here's what you're gonna get:


Snag your bundle while it's still available at this low price!


Has this actually worked for anyone?

Claudia's "Work-at-home made easy" Business Plan Bundle gave me a swift kick in the butt.

It helped me to organize my thoughts, showed me where my focus should be and got me thinking like a business person.

I love that everything is broken down with steps, examples, and templates.

It’s just what I needed. I now feel prepared to enter the business world with my completed business plan! 

I have completed many forms/courses that are similar to Claudia's but her's has helped me the most!

I was forced to look at some things that I needed to that other courses overlooked.

I feel much more confident and clear about my business plan now.



Your worry-free peace-of mind guarantee


Those 3 lovely ladies have very different niches, still, they were equally thrilled with the Bundle.

That's because the fundamentals of creating a business plan are applicable to ALL niches.



I believe in this product and in happy customers. =)

So if you're not satisfied with your purchase, I'm offering a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Just email me and I'll refund your money. All I ask for you to do is fill in a quick one-page questionnaire though - if you're not happy that's a concern and I wanna know how to fix whatever is going wrong there.


I'm Claudia 🙂

Profile image Claudia | The Solopreneur Safety Net



That's me: A scientist turned blogger - and most importantly, mom to two wee munchkins. =)

After leaving the world of academia to look after my kids, I now use my teaching experience and analytical mind to help other moms with no prior experience in the online business world become successful work-at-home moms by starting their own profitable blog.



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