Surprise - Christmas is coming soon! Does this sound familiar? Are you not one of those admirable people who have their Christmas pressies sorted in June - fear not, I've got you covered! :)

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Surprise – Christmas Is Coming Soon

Oh wow, this time of year again… Where did the year go so quickly? Is it just me, or does the imminence of Christmas kinda surprise you every year as well? Not that it sneaks up on you. How could it? You can see Christmas decorations appear in stores in September, or even earlier. So you do get a fair warning, well ahead of time. But maybe that’s the problem. You know, that when you start seeing all these Christmas related ads, posts and decorations, you might still have months (!!!) before they actually become relevant. Therefore, you might not worry about it too much – until, all of a sudden, you realise it’s the end of November and Christmas is only a few weeks away. And then you REALLY have to start thinking about presents, dinner and decorations, if you haven’t done so already. Been there? I certainly have…

This post contains affiliate links. This means when you purchase something through the provided links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions expressed here are my own and I only recommend products and services that I personally like and/or find helpful. 

 Buying Christmas Gifts Online

So it might not come as a surprise, that I resort to buying lots of my gifts online. It’s just so convenient! Browsing through all these beautiful gift options from the comfort of my own sofa. Not having to rush into stores choker full of sweating, frustrated people trying to grab the last bargain on the rummage table. Besides, we live in a small village – if I wanted to go to some cute store and find something lovely and unique, I’d have to drive for quite a bit. In winter. On icy roads. Possibly with two bubbly, wriggly little kids. Can you see how the buying-gifts-online option is so appealing to me?

Amazon Christmas presents - gift ideas for family and friends.

Amazon Gift Shopping

So the one platform I’ve heavily relied on for the major part of my Christmas shopping for years now is Amazon. Their product palette has grown so much over the years, that you should be able to find great gifts for almost everyone on there. Of course, buying something online has the disadvantage of not being able to see the product live until it is delivered to you. It’s hard to gauge the quality of the goods.

Personally, I haven’t had any really bad experiences with Amazon products though. If something wasn’t exactly what I expected, it was never a problem to return it or get a replacement. Usually, it’s pretty safe to assume that you get a good quality product when you buy something with a great customer rating. This is why I feel confident enough to recommend Amazon to make your Christmas shopping easier. And even if you start looking for Christmas gifts really, really late, they usually have you covered and are able to get the pressies to you in time. Big plus!

Christmas Gift Ideas From Amazon

I’m sorry if this sounded like a very long Amazon ad to you so far. I’m not sponsored by Amazon (I wish I was! lol). Just wanted to make it crystal clear to you, that I don’t recommend services I don’t use and love myself. Because – FYI – the gift ideas that I’m about to share with you, are my affiliate links.

I thought I’d make your life easier by sifting through the seemingly infinite amount of products and finding some that would make great gifts for your loved ones! Cause that’s the downside to an immensely large product palette – finding the perfect gift might feel like looking for the needle in the haystack…

So hopefully I can help you out and save some of your precious time. 🙂 I grouped the products I found into categories (women, men, kids), to make it even easier to find what you are looking for. You will find that most are on the cheaper side because I believe that a great, thoughtful gift does not have to break the bank. I also only chose products with great customer ratings. As I said before, this usually indicates a quality product.

Gift Ideas For Women

Let’s dive right into this! When I went through all the tons of products on Amazon, looking for pretty gift ideas, I found that I do have a thing for rose gold and blush pink at the moment. And flowers. Sorry, if you are not into that kind of thing. I can’t help it. 😉 But if you are, these ideas might be exactly what you were looking for.

1 – Head Planter Pot

This is seriously cool! It’s quirky, it’s eclectic, it’s fun. Moreover, it’s white and goes with any kind of interior design. Love!

2 – Herbal Tea

Winter time is tea time. And after all the overindulgence that Christmas usually brings with it, it’s the perfect time to cleanse, detox and relax.

3 – Rose Gold Watch

I know that one is a bit of a splurge…  So beautiful though! And this gorgeous rose gold Micheal Kors watch is on sale at the time of writing this post (you can save 42%!).

4 – Cloud Fridge Magnets

Cloud shaped magnets for your fridge – now, these are utterly adorable!

5 – Rose Gold Studs

Maybe the beautiful rose gold watch is too expensive? Then these studs might be a great gift alternative for someone who loves rose gold.

6 – Leather Bracelet

Very cool and trendy, this leather bracelet is handmade in Texas. So by buying this lovely accessory, you support an artisan, instead of a big company. Win-win!

7 – Plant Water Bulb

If you know someone like me, with a rather big collection of indoor plants who also happens to travel every now and then, this might be a thoughtful and much-appreciated gift. The bird-shaped self-watering globe looks great and takes care of watering your plants while you are away.

8 – Floral Laptop Sleeve

It’s pretty, it’s practical, it has a blush pink flower pattern  – what’s not to like? 😉

Gift Ideas For Men

Is it just me or is it always so much harder to find a great gift for the important men in your life? My husband, for example, likes practical stuff. Have you ever tried gift-wrapping a tow-bar? That’s the kind of challenge I’ve faced in the past. No kidding. Unfortunately, not an option for every year. So here are a few things that I found on Amazon:

1 – The Blacklist 

For the sofa-crime-solver: Super exciting crime thriller TV series. Highly addictive!

2 – Fitness Tracker

For the fitness freak: Keeps track of your daily activity, heart rate and sleep. Let’s you know when it’s time for some exercise.

3 – Whisky Decanter and Glasses

For the whisky connoisseur: Old fashioned and elegant whisky decanter and 6 exquisite cocktail glasses made in Parma, Italy. Hello, decadence!

4 – Tool Bag

For the handyman: Cool handmade waterproof canvas bag for all the (more or less..) necessary tools, your loved one might hoard.

5 – Telescope

For the hobby astronomer: The Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker Telescope. Time to look for some shooting stars! If you are really lucky he might discover a new celestial body and name it after you.

6 – Tape Measure

Another one for the handyman: The 16 feet digital tape measure – a handy little gadget for the tech nerd.

7 – Shark Socks

For the secret office rebel: When you have to stick to a strict work dress code every day – wearing these funny shark socks is silent rebellion.

8 – Coffee Mug

For the science nerd: Handmade periodic table coffee mug. Because coffee is elemental. LOL

Gift Ideas For Kids

Last but not least, some Christmas gift ideas for the little ones. I’ve included products for boys and girls of different ages.

1 – Kids Plates

These Kate Spade plates are gorgeous! They do come with a hefty price tag though. On the other hand, they are something really special. Made out of white porcelain, they are a great choice for kids old enough to handle them safely.

2 – Shark Ukulele

How cool is this one? We got our son a ukulele last Christmas. Unfortunately, I hadn’t found this one then, because he really would have appreciated the shark on it.

3 – Magic Science

Magic Science for wizards is a fun educational kit to teach kids the science behind every-day magic. Recommended for kids age 6 or older. Watch out, you might learn something too! 😉

4 – Roller Coaster Builder

I liked this one because it is something different than the omnipresent Lego. Still, the kids can let their creativity run wild and build the craziest of all crazy roller coasters. Behold – there are even glow-in-the-dark pieces included! This looks like serious fun. Recommended for kids age 9 and up.

5 – Lunch Box

This cute monster lunch box will probably be everyone’s envy at kindy. Pack their snacks in one of those and they might actually eat them! 😉 It’s all about presentation, isn’t it?

6 – Dinosaur Sticker Book

My son is not just into sharks, he’s also into dinosaurs. Big time! This National Geographic sticker and activity book seems like the perfect gift for a boy like him.

7 – Cosmetic Lab

Now that’s something different! Explore the science of skin care, body care, and beauty products and mix your own personalized cosmetics, soaps, bath bombs, and body scrubs. I’m sure there are lots of little girls out there who would love to do just that! Recommended for kids age 8 and up.

8 – Bug Blocks

Letters, patterns and etymology – maybe it’s just me as a biologist, but I think these bug blocks are utterly adorable. They are handcrafted from sustainable Michigan basswood, printed using non-toxic and recommended for the age of 2 and up. The perfect fusion of educational and cute.

Special Deals

That’s it. Those are my personal gift ideas. What do you reckon? Spotted something you like? If you have, just a quick reminder that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner. What a coincidence, I know! 😉 This means there are a ton of special offers on Amazon. Maybe you can get a bargain on some of these great products?

Once you found the perfect gift – go check out my eco-friendly gift wrap ideas and edible gift tags, to make your gift even more special!

Anyhow, I hope you get the shopping business done and dusted and still have enough time before Christmas to relax a little. Sit down with your family and friends. Bake cookies with the kids. Go for a walk in the snow. Cause those are the really important things.

Have a wonderful time!

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